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About 'Aquarium World'
'Akvarium World' has been made in order to provide you with interesting, valuable and correct information on the incredible world of aquatics. The web will primarily be targeted at aquarium hobbyists at various levels of development, but we are convinced that it will provide useful information for aquarium dealers, biologists, journalists and teachers as well. Hopefully 'Aquarium World' will have something to offer every surfer with a general interest in nature.

The team behind 'Aquarium World'
Main responsible and aquarium professional is the Norwegian aquatic consultant Svein A. Fosså. Unless otherwise is clearly indicated, all editorial information in 'Aquarium World' is written by him. Fosså is a biologist with more than 30 years of experience with both freshwater and marine aquaria, and he works full time as a consultant to the aquarium industry. You may read more about his qualifications and work by following this link.

The computer technological aspects, including web design, programming and server handling is managed by Nesthood (formerly @net). The company, which is Scandinavia's largest on Internet services, aims at the professional market; companies, organisations, and public offices. You may read more about Nesthood by following this link.

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