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Welcome to 'Aquarium World'
'Aquarium World' is devoted to the fascinating world of aquarium keeping. Here you will find correct information on aquatic life - and how to make your aquarium work.
Ram, or Butterfly-Cichlid
Who, what and why
'Aquarium World' has been launched because we saw a large demand for distribution of correct aquatic knowledge through tomorrows medium. Indeed, the Internet is already full of webs related to aquarium keeping, but finding the good stuff among the piles of amateurish and half-true nonsense is often difficult. You may find more information on 'Aquarium World' and the people behind it by following this link.

It is simple to navigate through 'Aquarium World' by the use of the main menu at the left margin and the submenus, which will appear in the frame above at various levels as you surf. At this stage, the majority of links will only bring you to the Norwegian version.

At any time you can get back to this page by clicking the 'Aquarium World'-line at the top of the menu, or you can go to the very first page (where you can choose between the English or the Norwegian version) by clicking the logo in the uppermost left corner.

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