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Most aquarists today start their hobbyist career as freshwater aquarium keepers - or, more specific, with tropical freshwater aquaria. The necessary technical equipment for freshwater aquaria, as well as a fairly decent assortment of tropical fishes and plants, is available from the majority of pet shops.
A nicely decorated and well kept aquarium is a beautiful attraction for any home
Freshwater aquaria are very interesting!
For many people, a freshwater aquarium may be the chosen because it is a relatively cheap and easily accessible alternative - and easy to maintain as well. There is no doubt, however, that many aquarists go for a freshwater tank because of a specific interest for this type of an aquarium; because they see interesting challenges in freshwater aquarium keeping different from those you encounter with a marine tank. Freshwater aquatics offer an enormous multitude of varied biotopes, thousands of beautiful and interesting fish species, hundreds of water plants, as well as actually quite a lot of invertebrate animals as well.

Freshwater aquarists can breed fascinating goldfish varieties (in accordance with many centuries of Chinese tradition), or they can recreate true-to-nature rocky coast biotopes modelled from the East-African Lake Malawi. Freshwater aquarists can observe splashing tetras depositing their eggs above the water line (!), or study the four-eye fish's strange double eyes. They may collect colourful rainbow fishes from New Guinea, or human made varieties of the famous guppy. The possibilities are infinite. 

More room for blunders?
There are clearly many reasons why freshwater aquaria have become so much more popular and widespread than marine aquaria. In addition to the question of availability, it may be important that it is more difficult to do irreparable blunders with a freshwater aquarium! Even if you should shirk your duties with the maintenance work, give too much food, be too much of a skinflint when you buy the technical equipment, or even totally disregard the need for learning a certain minimum of biological and technical preconditions, you actually have a fair chance of getting the aquarium to function - somehow. It may never get really fun, or genuinely beautiful - but, when one doesn't know any better, it is incredible what one can be satisfied with!

'Aquarium World' will help you
Even though it is easy to err with aquaria (as with so many other forms of animal keeping), it is not all that much that is needed in order to succeed very well. It is merely a matter of over-viewing and understanding certain basic knowledge. With time, you will get good help with this here at 'Aquarium World'.

Freshwater aquatics are, however, a huge field of expertise, and there are neither books, nor World Wide Web sites, nor human brains, which embrace it all. 'Aquarium World' will, though, gradually build a larger database that can help, guide and fascinate you in your search for knowledge and ideas. Please, remember to come back regularly for updates.

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