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The Aquarist's Check Lists
Experienced aquarists will frequently know what it takes to make an aquarium function. In particular, they will often have done so much In order to get a well functioning and beautiful aquarium, it is not enough to fill the tank with water and put the plug in the wall outlet. You have to know what you are doing; like the owner of this aquarium for cichlids from Africas Lake Tanganyika.trial and error that they have learned what work best for themselves. New aquarists, on the other hand, will often feel more need for getting advice on how things are best done; what equipment that is available and what kind of maintenance routines that are best. Trial and error may be strenuous - and it is certainly not kind to the animals.

Check lists
In order to make it easier to start up a new aquarium, we have made a basic check list on recommended technical equipment. In one of the next updates, we will also bring a check list on maintenance routines. Please note that these give our recommended advice; you are sure to - sooner or later - meet aquarists who tell you that "this and that is not necessary", or "you should rather do it this and that way". You are, of course, free to test out all and any well-intended advice you get - some may even work better for you than those we give you here.

Our background experience
Our recommendations are funded upon the sum of our own experiences and the experiences of hundreds of novices as well as experienced aquarists; from literature, personal discussions and many years of experience as advisors. It is our sincere opinion that the advice we give is correct, and that it represents what works best for the average aquarist. That does not imply that ours is the only way to do it.

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